Learn the ABC’s of Shopping

It happens all the time.  You decide to make a dash to the store, only to leave with everything you didn’t come in for, and only a few of the things you really needed.  As you approach the checkout line, you rack your brain trying to rid yourself of the feeling that there was something you wanted to be sure to get on your next trip to the store.  But what was it… If this is how most of your shopping trips end, put an end to the brain fade madness today.  The solution is simple – sign up for the hot new online shopping service called Instacart.  Sure, shopping online sounds foreign to you now, but judging from the millions of people who have traded their shopping baskets for virtual carts, the trend is hot because it works so well.  Just think of all the things you need and make a list.  Then when it comes to fruit, ask yourself how picky do your really need to be in a world where fruit has become so uniform you can’t tell one Gala apple from the next.  And don’t worry that you’re not going to get your bananas with the perfect amount of green around the stems.  You specify the amount of ripeness you want, and it will be delivered just the way you want it.

Plus, you’re not the only one learning the ABC’s of online shopping.  As the system learns your preferences, you’ll be prompted to buy like items or offered choices that are similar to yours.  There is one more advantage to using a service like Instacart and that’s the savings you’ll realize when you use a money saving Instacart coupon from Groupon Coupons at check out.  So not only will Instacart shop for your groceries from your favorite local store, you can have your order delivered in as little as one hour, and shipping is free when you spend $35 or more.

Shakespeare said the whole world’s a stage, and he was right, but to most it’s a classroom because you’re sure to learn something new every day.   Taking time to educate yourself about the new trends in shopping proves to be a timely lesson when you see the advantages for yourself.   With Instacart, not only will the advantages quickly be apparent, you will put an end to that confounding brain fade and get all the items on your shopping list in one order.  Act now, and if the service is available in your area, your first delivery will be free.

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