Gender Inequality in Education: the Reasons

Teachers in Swedish kindergartens are prohibited to call children ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ not to emphasize their gender, when girls in Pakistan are trying to claim their right to get proper education to begin with. The world is contrasted as never before nowadays, when the information has become one of the basic values in our post-industrial world.

Is it just about the financial development and social prosperity or the tendency is more complicated?

UNESCO report on gender equality says the enrollment rate in primary schools is the lowest in some African countries together with some Arab ones. This corresponds to the idea that children in prosperous countries have the wider possibilities to study. But the money is not the only problem. Nevertheless the gap between boys and girls enrolling to school has decreased as girls show faster growth here, numerous biases still take place. Many experts point out different criteria of evaluation for boys and girls, etc.

The other reasons are cultural traditions and such practices as young marriage, which were called “harmful” in UNESCO experts. The first reason is poverty, Uganda-based Daily Monitor confirms.

Experts believe the system of preconceived judgment has been passed over by teachers in pre-school which results in lower self-confidence hitting girls and different expectations. Young females are also being less often called on during classes than their male peers. The problem is maintained by that fact that most primary school teachers are women, which leads to further transmission of stereotypes.

In some cases, however, boys fall into the risk group as some teachers hold the stereotypes underestimating them, as well.

The performance of students may be different, they even may resort to illegal ways like custom writing paper. But they have to have this right to try on their own, without any misconceptions. Otherwise, services like or other places where one can use the help of a term paper writer will continue increasing the number of not-so-well-doing students while the others, dreaming of education, will be chained to daily routine.

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